Grouptrail / FMYI

The Challenge

FMYI [For MY Innovation] is a B Corporation founded in 2004 as the pioneer in social collaboration software. FMYI is a proven and tested platform hosting over two million workspaces. I was tasked to help design the mobile version of Grouptrail, a collaboration platform they were developing in-house. I eventually worked on Interact v8, a visual database SaaS that needed a fresh design perspective.



Work From Anywhere

FMYI is a certified and registered B Corporation that believes in empowering people to make a difference. They're passionate about balancing people, planet and profit and part of their passion lies in having a healthy work/life balance and being outdoors. I drew upon the outdoors for inspiration and used their existing color palette to drive the design decisions.



Trust The Process

I would eventually create a lot of screens for this app but focused mainly on building a modular component-driven design system so that the developers and project stakeholders could make decisions quickly.


The Mobile App

The app organized people into groups and from groups, you would follow trails that are essentially individual threads. Within these threads, there were multiple actions you could perform. By creating a solid hierarchy in terms of organization and from a design perspective, the experience was built to be intuitive and navigating between groups and trails was designed to be as seamless as possible.

Most of the action-oriented buttons are located at the bottom of the app where the user's thumb could easily perform the primary action for that screen. Context-based options would prove to be the main driver behind the user experience.

Later, I would be tasked to design the 8th version of the Interact platform.

FMYI had already begun building the product but brought me onboard to help them design a visual and overall experience that would delight their users.



Productivity is King. Sometimes.

This was an incredibly fun project to work on. With the space being so competitive, the challenge to design an experience that would separate FMYI from the pack was very rewarding and I continually seek to solve problems for productivity tools going forward.