Nurse. Life. Balance.

The Challenge

Founded by nurses and technology entrepreneurs, NurseGrid makes integrated, intuitive staffing and communication tools just for nurses and nursing departments. I lead the design on all fronts ranging from the brand design to iOS, Android, Web for the free mobile app as well as the paid manager web app.



The Future of Healthcare

Walk into a hospital and the environment can feel sterile. You say sterile, I say minimal. The ethos of the brand was based on the idea of simplicity so the brand drew much of its inspiration from hospitals and department floors. With the core product being about calendaring and staffing solutions, I researched how calendars were made throughout history.



Brand Facelift

When I began working with NurseGrid, the logo had already been created. As the app and manager app were being created, the opportunity came to give the brand a facelift. Subtle changes were made and the product names were added below the logo to distinguish the different pieces of the platform. I added a headline font separate from the body, changed the shield to be rounder and created a color palette that extended the previously limited color choices. Finally, I created a repeating wave pattern using the shield as a basis.

The Old Logo

The New Logo

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Trust The Process

I developed design systems using Sketch's symbol for all of NurseGrid's properties.


By setting a solid foundation, the design was able to remain consistent and also allowed me to build prototypes a lot quicker by using modular components.


The Mobile App

Nurse schedules are often unpredictable and the free mobile app for nurses gives them the power to manage their schedules, connect and communicate with colleagues and friends and many other things such as managing their credentials.


The app was designed using a user-centric approach so that a nurse using the app could manage their hectic schedule and free up time so they could have more time to do things they enjoy, thus, creating a work/life balance they previously didn't have boosting their job satisfaction and overall happiness in life.


Nurse. Life. Balance.



NurseGrid For Managers

NurseGrid Manager allows nurse managers to simplify team communication and real-time staff and schedule changes, saving time and money and making their departments happier and more productive.


The user remained at the forefront during the design process so that a manager using NurseGrid would be able to manage their department more efficiently, boosting their employee satisfaction and meeting department budget goals.


I led the design for the entire platform and used version control to track my .sketch files as well as logged into the code repo to push any CSS changes using this plugin. But my work didn't stop there. I also created collateral and videos to explain the product (see below).



Manager Mobile

Being a real-time scheduling app wouldn't be complete without giving nurse managers the power to make decisions on the go.

The app was built using React Native and even though it was the team's first time using React Native, it worked beautifully and has performed very well despite not being truly native.


You Get a Star! You Get a Star!

As I write this, the NurseGrid on iOS app has an average 5-star review on nearly 1500 reviews. This is something I'm especially proud of given the difficulty of this feat in the past. I continue to work on NurseGrid to help them grow the company from 100,000 to 1,000,000 users.